Bra Fitting Service

Make an appointment with us

Our complimentary bra-fitting service is now by appointment only. 

This means that our dedicated team will have time to ensure the fitting room is cleaned thoroughly between each fitting, and allow time for the appropriate PPE to be put in place. We must also ask that all customers having a fitting bring their OWN mask. Thank you.

Our bra-fitting experts are always here to help and provide advice to help you look and feel better. We hope that running on an appointment-only service will mean that every customer will receive a more one-to-one service, having more time to offer a truly personal complimentary fitting.

To make an appointment, please call us on 01609 772303, and ask to speak to the Lingerie Department. Alternatively, pop in to our Lingerie Department and ask to book an appointment.


Confidence comes from the perfect fitting bra.

Is your bra the right fit? Watch this video by Panache to check for yourself. Make an appointment with one of our expert fitters to discover your perfect fitting bra.


Fuller Cups

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Post-Surgery and Mastectomy Bra

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Washing Advice

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